3 Cool Innovations in Event Technology to Try in 2015

May 28, 2015 - By: Sarah Pease

These days a successful event hinges on being willing to try new ideas. Last week on the blog we shared how
out-of-the-box tech thinking is vital when it comes to networking. Today, we’re talking about how technology that once seemed only possible in the movies is now becoming mainstream and changing the landscape of how events and conferences are run. While some of these innovative technologies can be intimidating, event planners who are willing to take risks by offering their attendees a unique experience will definitely stand out. So, don’t work harder, tech smarter with one of these cool new event technologies:

  1. Catchbox - Make Q & A sessions more memorable with Catchbox. Pass or throw (yes, throw) this colorful cube around a room between speakers and audience members for engaging conversation. Did we mention it’s a wireless microphone? The built-in receiver connects to any sound system and internal sensors mute the mic when the cube is in motion. Can you hear us now?
  2. On Location Engagements - Guide your guests effortlessly through your next event with On Location Engagements (OLE). Small proximity beacons send signals and seek out nearby smartphones with the OLE app. Once a connection is made, your attendees can access specific content you’ve created: maps, videos, product information, and more. They can even use key words to create a personalized tour based on their interests.
  3. 3-D Printing - Leave a lasting impression at your next event with versatile 3-D technology. Use a 3-D printer to print promotional giveaways on the spot. Better yet, let your guests tell you what giveaways they want. It’s a forward-thinking way of capturing attendee’s attention that increases the chance of making a sale or a connection.

Any cool new ideas we missed? We want to know! Tell us what technologies you’re excited to try in the comments below.