15 Gifts for the Event Professional in Your Life

June 10, 2019 - By: Shauny Silas

Treat the event professional in your life with a gift they'll love. Whether it's a gift for the holidays, a gift to say thank you or a gift just because they're so great at what they do, any of these 15 gifts are just the thing any event professional will be grateful for.

Gifts for Everyday Use

#1: Notebook Planner

Productivity is most likely your event professional's middle name. Help any event professional take even more control of their day with a specialized notebook planner. There are lots of options to explore with notebook planners, so make sure you know what helps aid your event professional into the successful person they are today.

#2: Mini Emergency Kit

Event professionals always have a backup plan. Give them what they love (a sound peace of mind) with a mini emergency kit. These kits can be personally put together or pre-bought. Mini emergency kits typically include: adhesive bandages, lip balm, mending kit, dental floss, lint brush, stain remover, breath mints, extra buttons, hand sanitizer or whatever else you think your event professional needs to prepare them for any mini emergency.

#3: Label Maker

Organization and personalization are two mantras event planners live by. Step up their organization and personalization game by gifting them a label maker. Try to find a label maker that comes with tapes that offer a variety of widths and colors.

#4: App Store Credit

Credit to an app store can be used for your event professional's personal and professional needs. Whether they want to download a popular game that helps relieve stress or download an audiobook they’ve been wanting to read about event budgeting, app store credit is a gift any event professional will be sure to give thanks for.

#5: Personalized Travel Coffee Mug

As much as you don’t want to fuel the caffeine addiction your event professional has actively had since you met, the gift of a travel coffee mug will benefit them (and you) more than you think. A personalized travel coffee mug can help them save money and save the environment. Consider encouraging them to replace their coffee with another liquid they can take on the go that will keep them hydrated and happy.

#6: Subscription Based Gifts (the gift that keeps on giving)

Think about what your event professional really loves. There is definitely a subscription for it. Subscriptions come in all different shapes and sizes. Think about stuff they're into professionally and personally. There are subscriptions you can buy for foodies, makeup gurus, TV junkies, music fanatics and any other hobby you can think of. 


Tech Gifts

#7: External Battery

Charging essentials will save your event professional stress and time. A portable charger may be something your event professional has given out to their guests, but never actually kept for themselves. 

#8: Headphones (Noise-cancelling perhaps?)

Give the gift of tuning out or focus with noise cancelling headphones. Headphones are something the event professional in your life can and will use constantly. Whether they are seeking some motivational music during their workout, listening to audiobooks on their commute to work, or listening to some music that improves concentration, the gift of headphones is something any event professional will definitely be thanking you for.

#9: Portable Projector

Communication is key! What better way to help the event professional in your life get their point across than by giving them a portable projector?

#10: A fitness tracker

The events professional in your life is running around all day every day to make sure everything is perfect, they might as well be tracking their steps.

#11: Travel Steamer

Event professionals will rejoice. Keep the event professional in your life happy and their clothes even happier with a travel sized steamer. They can be stowed away easily and always come in handy for any wrinkly clothes disaster.


Gifts for Relaxation

#12: Neck Pillow

Everyone needs some shut eye (even if your event planner denies sleep). Give the gift of relaxation while they travel from here to there for their event. A nap or wonderful nights sleep while travelling is something any event planner would appreciate.

#13: Aromatherapy

The health of your event planner is crucial! Aromatherapy is good for soothing, grounding and relaxing the mind and body.

#14: A home massager

The gift of stress relief can never come sooner. A home massager lets your event planner find calmness during the frenzy of day-to-day event planning.

#15: Tickets to an event

Let the event professional in your life blow off some steam by getting them tickets to attend an event they didn’t plan! Whether it’s to a concert, a sporting event or other social event, encourage them to kick back and relax! They deserve it.


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