3 Alternatives to Event Speakers

June 02, 2016 - By: Sarah Hovis

Recently, we talked about how hiring a quality keynote speaker can enhance your event. But sometimes it’s fun to think a little outside the box. Today we’re looking at three alternatives to relying solely on event speakers.     

  1. Use Video
    Not every speaker is phenomenal. He or she may be good in smaller settings, but not so great when asked to speak in front of a large, live audience. If this is your scenario, using video may be the best way to go. You can interview a speaker and then edit it into a dynamic presentation. Consider using animation or graphics, actors, and even select participants to bring the message to life and make sure the message or takeaway is expertly executed.
  2. Try Testimonials
    Nothing drives a point home quite like when the person sharing it is speaking from personal experience. Again, if the speaker is not a ‘natural’ you can still make them shine by having a moderator interview them, have actors dramatize their story, or as we mentioned in the point above, use video. A documentary style would probably work best in this scenario.
  3. Create Art
    Sure, there’s the art of speaking, but there are also other ways to express ‘art.’ People respond passionately to visuals— theatre, movies, and concert are great examples of this. So try hiring professional dancers, musicians, or actors to tell a story. You can even engage the attendees to become part of the activity playing out on the stage.

By opening your event up to speaking alternatives, it will not only enrich the attendee’s experience, but it’s sure to make a lasting impression.

Tell us in the comments what guest speaker alternatives you’ve enjoyed at an event.