9 Free Cannot Live Without Festival Apps for 2019

May 01, 2019 - By: Shauny Silas

By this point, you’ve probably been to as many festivals as the number of times you’ve gone to the gym in the last six months. We get it, why would you miss out on seeing all your favorite bands and performers in one place over one unforgettable weekend? Festival season is here and we're arming you with the top 9 free apps to download on your iPhone or Android as soon as you buy your festival ticket.

1. Find My Friends App

Yep, you probably already know why this is our #1 pick. For those of you who don’t know, let us set the scene. You’re with your best friend vibing to music you wish would never end. Your friend yells at you from six feet away that she's heading to the food trucks, and that she'll be back in 15. A half hour passes when you call her. She picks up, but you can't hear her over the loud music. You get a text from her saying she couldn't find you before wandering over to the wrong band. The probability that this has happened to you at a festival is 9.9 out of 10. This app will help you quickly locate your friend without having to compete with the music.

Find my Friends (for iPhone)
Find My Friends (for Android)

2. Tent Finder App

If you enjoy roughing it from time to time (and saving money on hotels), you need this app. Whether you’re a nature connoisseur or first-time camper, having a little extra help to track the coordinates of your tent and other important places can be a huge help in the confusion of a festival.

Tent Finder + (for iPhone)
Tent Finder (for Android)

3. A Weather App that is Actually Accurate

In today’s climate, the weather can change in an instant. Stay up-to-date with the forecast down-to-the-minute for your exact location. With this app, you’ll be able to know exactly when to throw on your rain poncho or put on sunscreen to make your festival experience comfortable and easy (at least for the weather).

Dark Sky (for iPhone)
Dark Sky (for Android)

4. First Aid App

The American Cross First Aid App can save lives. Literally. The app provides immediate information and videos helping you treat someone suffering from a health emergency such as an asthma attack, broken bone, heart attack, heat stroke, stings and bites, seizures and much more.

First Aid: American Red Cross (for iPhone)
First Aid: American Red Cross (for Android)

5. Drink Water Reminder App

You + Festival + Dehydration = Not a Good Time

A simple formula that many festival goers struggle with every year. We want to make sure you stay hydrated not only at festivals but in your everyday life as well. Downloading an app that reminds you to drink water throughout the day may seem silly, but you will be thanking us (and yourself) in the long-run. Plus, your skin will be glowing for all those festival pics.

Daily Water - Drink Reminder (for iPhone)
Water Drink Reminder - Hydro (for Android)

6. The App for the Specific Festival You're Attending

We know this is vague but seriously, search the name of the festival you are attending in the app store. You will be surprised by how many festivals have their own apps that include interactive maps, food and drink listings nearby, activities and amenities, and live festival updates.

7. Battery Life App

Trust us on this one. Just imagine you accidentally notice your favorite artists standing a few feet away at the festival. You bravely walk up to them and express your love for their music and ask to take a picture. You pull out your phone and it’s dead. You smile awkwardly and they walk away. Your friends will probably never believe that you actually met them, and you’re stuck with the mere memory (still a great memory) but with no physical proof. Have we said enough? Make sure your battery life is saved for moments like these by downloading this app.

Battery HD+ (for iPhone)
Battery HD (for Android)

8. Music Recognition App

Hearing songs and trying to figure out how to find them on the internet later is a thing of the past. Apps such as Shazam allow you to record music as its being played to identify the music and store it for later. Snapchat also has a built-in feature that identifies music by holding your finger down on the camera screen. Music festivals are a great opportunity to enjoy the music you love and discover new music you’ll love in the future.

Shazam (for iPhone)
Shazam (for Android)

9. Cash Money App

There is a plethora of cash apps to choose from. Whether you are thinking about using Venmo, Apple Pay, PayPal, Square Cash, Zelle, Google Wallet or any other app you find convenient, make sure you download it and add your cards before going to a festival. This is a safer way to carry money and allows you to pay your friends easier if they opt to buy you a drink.

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