How to Boost Event Engagement Through Fundraising

April 26, 2016 - By: Sarah Hovis

 The goal of any fundraising event is to well, raise money (hopefully quite a bit) for a specific cause. But the trick to any successful fundraising effort is to get those involved—sponsors, volunteers, and participants—thoroughly engaged in the process from start to finish.

One option is to choose your charity via crowdsourcing. This strategy gives people a voice in the process and can be done via a social media campaign or by using online polls to gather votes and determine which cause(s) your event will support. At the recent Running USA Industry Conference, and CrowdRise gave a joint presentation on practical ways to boost event engagement through fundraising. Here are some of the highlights:

Before Registration Focus on your core audience, best practices, and how to convert volunteers and spectators into fundraisers or donors by:

  • Choosing charity partners that are relevant to your participant base.
  • Posting a toolkit on your website that gives tips on making fundraising a group effort (i.e., how to enlist friends, family, and co-workers).
  • Creating an email campaign encouraging volunteers to get involved with fundraising.

During Registration Get social and incentivize, while throwing in a little healthy competition for good measure by:

  • Rewarding fundraisers with discounts and special event privileges as they hit certain goals. The greater the goal, the bigger the prize.
  • Sharing inspirational stories that show how these charities help others.
  • Acknowledging top fundraisers as ‘influencers’ and inviting them to share their tips for success via social media, blog posts, or email messages.

At the Event Wohoo! You’ve made it to the event, so take time to celebrate your success through:

  • Showcasing the impact of the fundraising efforts of your event. Using an
    interactive social wall is a great way to ‘shout from the rooftops’ for everyone to see.
  • Adorn your fundraisers with special event-day swag. 


Now that you've got an idea of how to boost event engagement through fundraising, start planning your event on and give your attendees an engaging experience they'll be sure to remember.