Three Cheers for Running App Motigo

May 13, 2016 - By: Sarah Hovis

Running a race obviously takes dedication and hard work, and during the race, it sometimes takes more than Beyoncé to get you through that last mile. Enter the Motigo App.

The premise is simple: loved ones can record audio well-wishes that are automatically played at specific times during a race. Motigo refers to is as ‘Emotion Fuel™ for your race.’ It all began two years ago when Dan Nagler was running a marathon in Arizona and noticed that while spectators were cheering, all the runners were wearing headphones. That’s when he thought how great it would be if his wife Celeste Lo, who was in Denver, could cheer him on.

The app can be used two ways:
Run – First, find and select your event and then tap ‘Share Event’ to invite friend and family to send you cheers. Next, set up your playlist and make sure your phone’s location services are set to ‘Always’ for Motigo, and then on race day, run with your iPhone and tap ‘Start Event.’ Your cheers will automatically play along the course. Runners can also record inspirational messages or mantras for an additional pick me up during your event.
Cheer – Sign up and find the event that your runner is participating in. Next, select your runner and when you want your cheer played. And finally, record and send messages they’ll hear during their race. Most anything goes, except ‘You’re almost there’ or ‘Only X miles left!’

Nagler recently told at the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon, there were over 23,000 messages on race day, including one from country singer Tim McGraw. While the app is free to download, it’s currently available only for iOS device and each cheer costs $1.99. Read runner reviews from BibRave Pros to see if this app is worth having a personal cheering section at your next race.

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Photo via: Fellow Flowers