5 Immersive City Tours

March 21, 2016 - By: Sarah Hovis

Have you ever been a tourist in your town? Sure. You know where to grab the best burger and beer, but what do you really know about the city you call home? Chances are, we all live in cities that have hidden histories, unique attractions, or tucked away tales just waiting to be told. Here are five cities you’ll have fun getting ‘lost’ in:

  1. U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, Carlisle, PA
    Pick up your ‘dog tag’ at the Visitor and Education Center (VEC) to experience Army life as a Soldier does, while learning about their story. Test your marksmanship at the digital shooting range, parachute into Normandy as part of the D-Day invasion, and experience a night attack during the Korean War. It will give you a new appreciation for the service and sacrifice made by those in the military.
  2. The Detroit Bus Company, Detroit, MI
    The city that built its reputation on music and motors also has the distinction of being a major player in running liquor between Canada and the United States during the Prohibition era. For four hours on a Friday or Saturday night you can ride a renovated, hand-painted bus that takes you to four of Detroit’s oldest bars along with a guide who shares cool facts along the way.
  3. Lime Rock Racetrack, Lime Rock, CT
    Channel your inner Paul Newman (who raced here for many years) and take a few laps round the historic road course. You can either rent various parts of the track or sign up for lessons at the Skip Barber Racing School.
  4. Salem Food Tours, Salem, MA
    Everyone has heard about the Salem Witch Trials, so who knew the city was also a foodie-lover’s paradise? Treat yourself to a guided food and cultural walking tour, while enjoying tastings at some of Salem’s best food shops and restaurants. Learn about early colonial dinners, local history and culture, Salem’s illustrious maritime spice trades and more!
  5. Roosevelt Baths, Saratoga State Park, NY
    Talk about an immersive experience! Over 80 years ago this spa resort resort opened thanks to President Franklin Roosevelt’s visionary act to preserve the mineral-rich Saratoga Springs. The water used for the baths is captured cold from underground springs, then mixed with warm fresh water to a neutral temperature for maximum benefits. Ahhh. If going solo is more your style, try the VoiceMap app.


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