Gazing into the OCR Crystal Ball

February 11, 2016 - By: Sarah Hovis

 In past posts we’ve talked about
How to Survive an Obstacle Course Race and
The Rise of the Obstacle Course Race. Today, we’re looking into the future. Well, at least 2016 to see where obstacle course racing (OCR) is headed. Here are three predictions
Mud Run Guide
contributor John W., is making about the season:

  1. Promoters will need to fine tune which customer base they want to pursue and cultivate (i.e., first-timers, elite/competitive racers, etc.). Racers tend to be loyal to the race they began with and it’s easier to maintain a customer than attract a new one.
  2. New race categories are emerging: arena style indoor courses, short outdoor sprint courses, and team races or relays. There’s also an expansion of OCR race types and distances.
  3. Local market expansion continues thanks to the New England Spahtens and their movement, #racelocal. This strategy allows local and regional race promoters to competitively attract racers, which makes it an ideal option for a racer who doesn’t like to travel great distances to compete.

There are a lot of exciting changes on the OCR horizon. Next stop…
the 2024 Summer Olympics? Tell us in the comments your OCR predictions. Photo via: