10 Apps to Get You Running

January 21, 2016 - By: Sarah Hovis

 When it comes to running, sometimes you need extra motivation. Recently Runner’s World rounded up 27 apps they think every runner should know about. Here are 10 apps we liked:
Charity Miles We’ve
mentioned this app before, but we love that it combines being active and giving back. Choose from over 35 different charities and for every mile you run, 25 cents will go toward that charity.
Endomondo Think of
this app as a free personal trainer in your pocket. Friends who also us the service can leave in-run audio pep talks along the way and it also offers guidance on how to reach your goal.
iSmoothRun Programmed by runners,
this app gives you access to extensive graphs and statistics of any aspect of your running (e.g., cadence). It even keeps track of your
shoe mileage!
Localeikki Stay active even while traveling with
this app. Get local recommendations on nearby routes complete with details about the surface, traffic volume, and restroom facilities. You can even get info on joining a regularly scheduled run in the area.
MapMyRun While you’re probably already familiar with
this app, it’s still worth having because it’s fantastic for navigating a new destination. Search for runs in popular cities so you can go exploring without getting lost… or injured.
OutSider Nothing is worse than weather ruining a good run.
This app uses Run Weather Index technology from The Weather Channel Labs to give you a detailed weather report so you can determine how it will impact your run.
Pace DJ Build the perfect playlist (and pace setter) with
this app. Using your music archive, it breaks down all the songs by beats per minute, and then creates a playlist to match the preferred tempo of your run.
RoadID Stay safe on your run with
this app that lets your loved ones track your run and receive notifications if you stop moving. You can also store emergency contacts and important health information like allergies, medical conditions, and blood type.
Runtastic If you prefer running to audio books or podcasts instead of music, check out the ‘Story Running’ downloadable stories offered within
the Runtastic app.
Strava Whether you’re looking to compare, compete, or challenge yourself,
this app is up to the task. Run on a specific section of road or trail, then compare that against past efforts, or other athletes who’ve run the same segment. Reach new goals by joining
ongoing challenges.
Treadmill Trails Never miss a run thanks to
this app. Choose from over 20 trail videos, with two new videos added monthly. Listen to your own music while you watch, or to the videos’ narrated rhythm soundtracks. Tell us in the comments which apps get you motivated and moving.