10 Travel Tips for Surviving a Destination Marathon

October 26, 2015 - By: Sarah Pease

Training for a marathon takes serious dedication. Now, factor in out-of-state or international travel for a race and the question becomes, “How do you arrive refreshed and ready so all your hard work pays off?” Try these 10 travel tips to make your destination marathon experience a winner:

  1. Arrive Early – Get to your destination a day or two before the race so you can get acclimated to your new surroundings—especially if there is a time change.
  2. Use a Carry-onTravel and Leisure reported over one million pieces of luggage were lost on domestic flights in 2012. Skip the stress and pack your race-day gear in a carry-on.
  3. Plug In – Bring the proper chargers and convertors along so your wearable tech and other electronics are good to go when you are.
  4. Dress Appropriately – When flying, improve your circulation by wearing loose-fitting clothing, compression socks, and moving around frequently (book an aisle seat).
  5. Bring Food – Your body is used to certain snacks, so bring them with you. Especially for an international marathon, which isn’t likely to have your go-to fuel food readily available.
  6. Drink Water! – Keeping your body hydrated will elevate cramping and Gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms. Save the other type of drinking for after the race.
  7. Limit Sightseeing – It’s exciting being in a new city, but your body won’t be so forgiving if you drag it all over town before a race. See #10.
  8. Get Off Your Feet – Head to the expo, pick up your race packet, and then take it easy for the rest of the day. If you do any walking, wear supportive shoes.
  9. Make Friends with Metric Start mentally converting to kilometers (km), adjust your GPS watch, and remember a 26km marker doesn’t mean you’re almost finished.
  10. Relax and Recover – Save your extensive sightseeing for after the race and give your body time to recover before getting on a plane.

Photo Credit: Patagonian International Marathon


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