Bike and Bar in Bend

March 14, 2016 - By: Sarah Hovis

 Portland, Ore. is consistently found near the top of the
best beer cities in the U.S. But travel just a little over three hours southeast and you’ll arrive in Bend; a great beer city in it’s own right. Bend is also the home to the
Cycle Pub. Many cities offer a similar experience, but the concept is relatively the same: Riders (from 2 to 14) climb on a contraption that looks like
a trolley or cable car, take a seat, and pedal. A skilled (and sober) driver navigates as the occupants pedal their way along the route. You take can the popular
Bend Ale Trail, which stops at local breweries, or you can create your own, just as long as it’s picked from the
pre-determined route. We know what you’re thinking. Even with a designated driver, the whole thing sounds a bit risky. So, think of it like a limo or party bus. Riders can’t step off and meander around with drinks, and Cycle Pub employees can’t serve you. It’s strictly BYOB (but no hard stuff). Oh, and you can’t just jump on and join the Cycle Pub along the way. You want to pedal? Then you’ve got to pay. And while the goal is to have fun, if you misbehave, just like in a bar, you’ll get bounced. The Cycle Pub can be booked for a number of events (hint: team-building excursions) and
tours range in price. You can even bring along your favorite tunes to enjoy. Why ‘crawl’ when you can bike? It’s eco-friendly and just think of all the calories you’ll burn. Tell us in the comments what you think of the cycle pub concept. Photo via:
Travel Oregon