Museums Reinvent Thursdays with After Dark Events

January 18, 2016 - By: Sarah Hovis

 In the 90s, Thursday nights were deemed ‘Must-See TV’ on NBC. Now, Thursday nights are about venturing out after dark to be seen at special events held at museums in cities across the country. Every Thursday, the
Exploratorium in San Francisco offers
‘After Dark Thursday Nights,’ featuring unique adult-only programs that enlighten and entertain. Upcoming topics include: Everything Matters: Neon, and Full-Spectrum Science with
Ron Hipschman: Radioactivity.
Tickets are required, but
Lab Members can enjoy the evening for free. Washington, D.C. is home to
over 50 museums. While most visit these hallowed halls of history during the day, it’s the after hour events occurring the first Thursday of every month that are attracting a different crowd. During the winter months, check out
Phillips after 5. Held in
The Phillips Collection, the evening is billed as ‘a lively mix of art and entertainment.’ The next event takes place on February 4, 2016 and features the topic ‘Opposites Attract,’ which will explore mashups in media. Reservations are highly recommended. If you’re in Jackson, Mississippi or Detroit, Michigan, you’ll want to check out each city’s after dark events happening every third Thursday of the month. The
Mississippi Museum of Art showcases a free, themed evening that’s part pop-up exhibition and dining experience. In January, it’s the
Cabin Fever Film Fest, while in February, paper snobs can drool over
CrookedLetterPress. Over in Detroit, the
Michigan Science Center offers a
‘thinking person’s happy hour’ with its
After Dark events. Gamers will love January’s theme:
Vintage Video Games (e.g., Duck Hunt) in celebration of the museum’s newest exhibit,
Toytopia. On tap for February, Cosplay and Improv. In our opinion, all these options sound more fun than hanging out in a coffee shop
talking about nothing. Tell us in the comments if you’d attend an after-dark event in your city. Photo via:
Up Out