The 2016 Summer Olympics Slim Down

February 03, 2016 - By: Sarah Hovis

 With six months to go, the 2016 Summer Olympic Games are going on a diet. Well, the venues in the host city Rio de Janeiro are anyway. Before we get to that, let’s rewind to 2009 when Rio beat out Chicago, Madrid, and Tokyo for the privilege of hosting the Olympic Games. A strong selling point was that
no South American country had hosted before, so committee members were willing to look
past concerns about security and whether Brazil would be overextended after
hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup. At the time of the announcement, then
International Olympic Committee (IOC) president, Jacques Rogge was quoted in
The New York Times as saying, “There was absolutely no flaw in the bid.” Oh, what a difference seven years makes. According to a recent article on,
Brazil is suffering from its worst economic crisis in decades. Translation: Rio needs to eliminate about $500 million to
balance their operating budget of 7.4 billion reals ($1.85 billion). Any overspending would be footed by the Brazilian government, and as Rio 2016 communications director
Mário Andrada stated, that’s something the Brazilian public would not tolerate. Already the rowing and
beach volleyball grandstands will be reduced, but exactly how many seats will be removed is still being determined. The original capacity for the rowing and kayak sprint events was 14,000, while the beach volleyball arena on Copacabana beach was to hold 12,000 people. Look for
more tents and fewer structures at the events, and Olympic sponsor
Panasonic is contributing unprecedented financial help to run the Opening and Closing ceremonies. How any of this will affect the overall Olympic experience remains to be seen, but the world will definitely be watching. Tell us in the comments which Olympic event you’re looking forward to watching in Rio. Photo via:
The Guardian