Ask An Event Pro - Winter Lineup

November 18, 2015 - By: Sarah Pease is excited to announce the winter lineup for the Ask An Event Pro interview series! Join us every Thursday at 11:15 PT / 2:15 ET as we host a livestream interview with a new expert.
Thursday, 11/19 - 11:15PT / 2:15ET Getting the Most Out of Offering Teams
Courtney Jordan, Tough Mudder How do you get your participants to drag their friends through the mud with them? We'll ask Courtney how one of the world's most intense races gets everyone involved.
Thursday, 12/3 - 11:15PT / 2:15ET Panel: Sponsorship Strategies For Your Race
Beth Salinger (Endurance Marketing), Willie Fowlkes (WinWin Events), Heidi Swartz (Cowtown Marathon), Brian Davis (Energy Events) Sponsorship is way more than just a name on a banner on race day. We're asking hte experts how you can obtain and retain sponsors who align with your events to ensure mutual success.
Thursday, 12/10 - 11:15PT / 2:15ET Race Day Safety: How To Do It Right
Rick Nealis, Marine Corps Marathon Letting participant safety be an afterthought can be a dangerous (an expensive) mistake! Rick shares his insights from organizing the 4th largest US marathon.
Thursday, 12/17 - 11:15PT / 2:15ET Marketing: More Than Just Social Media
Lee Corrigan, Corrigan Sports Facebook is great, but are you making the most of your marketing budget? Lee discusses his "Baltimore Pride" campaign and the success it brought his race.