Raise the Networking Bar with These 6 New Technologies

May 20, 2015 - By: Sarah Pease

Ferris Bueller famously said, ‘Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t network, you could miss out on great opportunities.’ OK. Maybe he didn’t say that last part, but it’s true nonetheless. Although the first few handshakes can be daunting, mixers and meetups provide unique environments for people to engage with influencers and peers they may not otherwise come into contact with. Technology plays a huge part in that connection. Give your next event an extra boost with the following event engagement ideas, so whether your attendees are newbies or networking pros, they won’t miss a thing:
1. Plug In More Places Think of outlets as the digital campfires at networking events. And with your attendees constantly connected to their mobile devices, keeping them charged is a must. Having at least two or three charging stations can significantly increase face-to-face networking opportunities, and keep attendees less stressed about a low battery.
InCharged helps you customize your stations as another way to attract and engage your audience. Bottom line: you can never have enough outlets.
2. Enhance the Name Badge Experience Go beyond the outdated, paper name badges and make connections that matter at your next event with
LoopdBadge. Small, but mighty, this wireless device exchanges useful information between your attendees, and the
LoopdApp puts the attendee in control of what and how much of his or her info is shared. As the event organizer,
LoopdBadge acts as your eyes and ears, so you can be everywhere at once and get valuable information instantly. No more missed opportunities, wasted time, or bad data, just a high-quality network built in real-time that helps creates lasting relationships.
3. Kick Your Wi-Fi Up a Notch Peek into the network your attendees are using, connect them with people they know, and give them real-time recommendations with Social WiFi. Attendees connect to a Wi-Fi network and can opt-in via their social network profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter). Immediately they discover which of their professional and social connections are in the area.
SeatID provides networking event organizers the data they need to see where attendees are interacting the most, how long they stay, and what sections they frequently visited. You can even send attendees periodic email notifications when people from their network log-in. Social WiFi helps you achieve unparalleled customer insights for your business and dramatically increases the effectiveness of future marketing activities.
4. Create a Dedicated Event Page Getting people to register online can be tricky—once they click, you have just
10 seconds to convince them that your event is worth attending. Capture your attendees’ attention and guarantee their excitement by having a dynamic and user-friendly event page! Make the page event specific and put all the important information in one convenient place. Clearly state the purpose, date, and location, while giving them the tools they need to connect with our
online event management software.
5. Socially Engage, the Tech-Savvy Way Actively involve your attendees in their surroundings by using real-time streaming and polling tools.
Tweetwall Pro can get the ball rolling with a live twitter feed you can easily manage and display, or project onto multiple screens. Discover the easy-to-use polling features available from
Option Technologies. From the portable device to the add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint—you can create content, engage and interact with your attendees like never before.
6. Empower Your Attendees Trade business cards for
Swapcard, an efficient networking tool that gives all of your members access to a public, digital directory anytime, from any device. All your directories are automatically updated in real-time and provide your guests the ability to exchange their contact details on-the-go by scanning swapcodes; no more hassling with handing out and keeping track of multiple business cards! You can also easily manage your directory, while learning more about your members’ needs, interests, and wants.
Think about your last networking experience: was it good or bad? Share your previous experiences with us in the comments!
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