What Your Race Can Learn From Dreamforce

September 28, 2015 - By: Sarah Pease

While most races won’t be on the same grand scale as Dreamforce, that doesn’t mean organizers can’t repurpose some of their successful strategies and apply them to their next race. Here are three examples:

  1. Prepare Year-Round
    Runners don’t decide to show up race day and compete; they spend weeks and months training. This is the mindset organizers should adopt as well. Start by prepping for next year shortly after this year’s race is completed. And keep interest piqued throughout the year with
    weekly webcasts or videos sharing updates and tips about the race.
  2. Vary Sponsorship Levels
    Having a main sponsor is great, but it shouldn’t be your only goal. Dreamforce offers six sponsorship opportunities ranging from titanium (think lots of zeros) to exhibitor ($25,000). They know sponsors want to be part of their event, so they find a way to include them. Remember, not all value is measured in dollar signs. A sponsor’s brand value and how it aligns with yours is equally important.
  3. Throw a Party
    At Dreamforce, platinum sponsor Appirio rents a local billiards hall/sports bar for participants to hang out throughout the day and connect outside of the conference. Want participants to stick around and not take off immediately after they receive their medal and complimentary beverage? Give them a reason to stay. This also helps give sponsors greater exposure and face-time.

Photo Credit: Salesforce


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