2016 Digital Trends: Data Doing More

December 22, 2015 - By: Sarah Pease

Over the past two weeks we’ve looked at some of the digital trends that could make an impact in 2016. First we examined
quality video content and then we covered
native advertising. Today we wrap up with data designed to go further for advertisers. Here are two companies using data to their advantage.
Bloomberg Media Wanting to give their customers
greater value, engagement, and response from their multi-channel media portfolio, Bloomberg Media introduced these three ad tech tools:

  • B:Match - A private data and analytics tool that helps brands identify online consumer behavior and then designs custom media plans based on the findings.
  • Social Connect 2.0 - Allows advertisers to effectively market to readers coming through social media channels.
  • Trendr - An algorithm-driven news widget tool that allows advertisers to be associated with the most newsworthy topics, people, and companies in real-time.

Sky Media This advertising sales division of Sky reaches over 90 percent of the UK population and also sells on behalf of Discovery, NBC Universal, and Comedy Central, to name a few. Recently, they announced the upcoming launch of
Sky AdVance, which is currently undergoing a live test phase with up to 20 different advertisers and is scheduled to become available in January 2016. Culling the data from three million households, Sky AdVance allows advertisers to connect across multiple platforms so that audiences see the right ad, at the right time, in the right sequence, and on the right screen. “The scale of the data we now possess gives us the ability to interweave TV and digital advertising like never before,” said Jamie West, Deputy Managing Director of Sky Media. Tell us what you think of these 2016 digital trends in the comments.