4 Marketing Takeaways from SMMW 2016

May 24, 2016 - By: Sarah Hovis

In April 2016, thousands of marketers trekked to San Diego to attend Social Media Marketing World 2016 presented by Social Media Examiner. Below are some of the top marketing takeaways compiled by the BuzzSumo team.

  1. Leverage Live Video
    In his opening keynote, the founder of Social Media Examiner, Michael Stelzner, said that the growth in video marketing is the biggest surge that he has seen. And ‘Queen of Facebook’ Mari Smith emphasized Facebook’s preference for live video, and reminded those in attendance that the content could be repurposed for use later, which makes the platform even more attractive. “Facebook wants to be the live television in your pocket, Smith said. Their algorithm incentivizes live broadcasting. When you are broadcasting live, you get better reach. Capitalize on this by broadcasting for at least five or ten minutes, and if possible longer.”
  2. Focus on the PRISM Model
    Ian Cleary of RazorSocial recommends paying attention to People, Relationships with influencers, Inbound Traffic, Subscribers, and Monetization—PRISM. For monetization, he suggested OptinMonster to help target blog visitors with pop-up coupons based on their interactions on sites.
  3. Use Complaints to Your Advantage
    Speaker and marketing consultant Jay Baer says, “Every complaint is raw material for getting better.” Resist the urge to ignore negative comments left on your social media channels. While they may sting at first, they are excellent opportunities to fine tune and improve your message. “Look hard for feedback, and answer the complaints that come in every channel; every time,” said Baer.
  4. Create Content that Can Be Shared
    Steve Dotto is all about creating good social media content and then shining a light on it. In his session on using YouTube to build an email list, Steve talked about the importance of amplifying content. “The time and effort spent to develop good videos doesn’t automatically create social shares.” This is why ProBlogger Darren Rowse suggests researching what your audience shares so you can increase the number of people who see your content. Tell us in the comments what social media marketing tips you’ve found useful.

Photo via Rivaliq


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