Choosing the Best Social Media for your Race – Part 3

December 17, 2015 - By: Sarah Pease

Welcome to our final installment on the
importance of choosing the right social media network to promote your race. We started our series in October looking at
Facebook and Twitter, and delved into
Instagram and YouTube in November. Today we’re discussing Google+ and Pinterest.
Google+ Starting Line Google+ seems to be the social media platform that most people are unsure how to use effectively, which
hasn’t gone unnoticed. To
better your chances for success, you need to learn how to find and take advantage of the right communities, which
Google says are growing by 1.2 million users every day. You’ll also need to brush up on the lingo: ‘+1,’ and ‘adding people to your circles.’
What to Post

  • Motivational/inspirational photos and videos.
  • Engaging infographics.
  • Hashtags relevant to your race and brand.

Learn how to set-up a Google+ account
Races that are rockin’ Google+:
The Color Run and
Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series
Pinterest Starting Line
Ladies love Pinterest, so if your race demographic is heavily female, get a presence on this platform—stat! Since your themed boards can be seen by everyone, this platform is a content-rich resource to tell a visual narrative about your events and even spark ideas. And sponsors looking to engage with female consumers will benefit from the exposure and links to their products.
What to Post

  • Recipes and other nutritional suggestions for runners.
  • Favorite running gear and tech.
  • What to do and places to visit when runners are in town for your race.

Learn how to set-up a Pinterest account
Races that are rockin’ Pinterest:
Dirty Girl Mud Run and
Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series Tell us in the comments which social platform works best for you race!
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