CrowdRise: 6 Ways to Combine Charitable Giving with Endurance Racing

October 09, 2015 - By: Sarah Pease

Today Bryan Lively, VP of Sales at CrowdRise, joins us on the blog to talk about the value of giving endurance events charitable components.

Endurance events are an integral part of our communities. They give visitors from all over an immersive, unique tour of a city, and bring people together in the most fun and challenging ways. More than ever, endurance events are embracing social good. According to Virgin Money during the 2014 London Marathon, “77 percent of participants raised money for causes close to their hearts.” That’s a fantastic stat.

Note: keep reading only if you’re organizing an event or writing a college paper on event fundraising and are looking for something to plagiarize. Or if you’re interested in the chance to win a free T-shirt.

OK, here goes: thanks to technology and amazing open platforms, it’s never been easier or more valuable to add a charitable component to your event. If you already have one, it’s never been easier or more cost-effective to improve it.

Here are six approaches to try:

Tell Your Charitable Narrative Your charitable mission must be the core of your brand and messaging. Check out Ironman and the TCS New York Marathon for ideas on how to successfully incorporate giving back into the fabric of your brand. Full disclosure (as real journalists say): all the events mentioned in this post use CrowdRise.

Optimize Your User Experience For a dramatic increase in your charitable program participation, make it easy for participants to create a personal fundraising page. CrowdRise and have partnered so your participants can have their own fundraising page automatically created without ever leaving the registration flow.

Show the Real-LIfe Impact Communicate the real-life impact of your event. Show a ticker of Meals Raised or Schools Built; whatever makes sense for your event.
Watch this video and imagine incorporating a strong story into your next event.

Redefine Charity Embrace the new definition of charity: fundraising for personal causes, such as medical expenses. It's heart wrenching and heartwarming, and it's the new world of online giving. The best event fundraising platforms will already have the personal fundraising functionality built in, so it's as easy as you turning it on for your next event.

Encourage Creativity Fundraising should be fun, even for the most serious causes. Encourage participants to infuse their fundraising campaigns with personal incentives and creative angles. David Babcock runs marathons to raise money and awareness for the
Alzheimer’s Association. The creative angle? He knits while he runs. On October 17, he’ll be going for his second Guinness World Record.

Embrace Emerging Technology Using an event registration and event fundraising platform that is all over the latest technology is a must. Custom branded, mobile friendly, and fully integrated are givens, but you should also start learning about virtual reality. It’s the most exciting thing happening in the fundraising world.


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