Does Twitter’s New Timeline Hurt Brands?

March 30, 2016 - By: Sarah Hovis

 Last week
Twitter celebrated their 10th birthday and had a party social media style using the hashtag #LoveTwitter. Just a month before blowing out the candles on this milestone, the platform announced they were
introducing a new timeline feature, allowing people to catch up on important tweets based on relevancy instead of chronological order, they missed while not signed in. By culling through a
user’s past activity (i.e., accounts they interact with, interests, etc.) Twitter says it can predict which Tweets they want to see and that this change will only benefit brands that truly want to engage with their followers and prove to be a downside for brands prone to spamming.
Charlie Cottrell, head of editorial at We Are Social told the timeline changes could impact Twitter’s spontaneity, which is at the core of its brand appeal. She also added: “The more our past preferences are used to customize the content we see, the less opportunity there is for serendipity.” Keep in mind, this new timeline feature is optional. So if you prefer sticking with the old timeline, has three ways you can opt-out:
For Desktops – Log into your Twitter account and go to “Settings” > “Account” > “Content.” Look under "Timeline" and turn off the feature by ticking the box next to “Show me the best Tweets first.”
For iOS – Click on “Me” in the Twitter app. Tap the gear icon and select “Settings,” then choose the account whose settings you’d like to adjust. Then go to “Timeline” and tap “Timeline personalization,” and tick the box next to “Show me the best Tweets first.”
For Android – Tap the overflow icon, then tap “Settings,” then “Timeline” and then tick the box next to “Show me the best Tweets first.” Tell us in the comments what you think about the new Twitter timeline and its impact on brands. Photo via-
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