How Brands are Using Tumblr

January 20, 2016 - By: Sarah Hovis

The concept of Tumblr is easy: you want to blog about something? Go ahead! People with opinions and people who just want a place to share silly pics, GIFs, fandom obsessions, and more, use this platform to blog about every day life. According to
Tumblr’s website there are roughly 274 million different blogs ‘filled with literally, whatever.’ A recent
Marketing Week article noted that Tumblr is currently the second-largest social media platform in terms of users, boasting over 550 million members. While hugely popular, Tumblr was often ignored and taken less seriously then Twitter because of its
‘all are welcome’ format. But brands are starting to take notice because they realize there’s untapped potential on Tumblr to reach the lucrative millennial market, along with its ability to
influence viral content. Here are three brands harnessing the power of Tumblr:
Nescafé You know a brand means business when they
move their entire web presence—all global and local websites—to Tumblr, which is exactly what coffee brand Nescafé did last year in an effort to directly connect with a younger audience and increase e-commerce sales.
AT&T’s The Mobile Movement This
partnership between AT&T and Vice Media, is a
video campaign that highlights the pivotal role smartphones play in millennials’ everyday lives.
The Mobile Movement is divided into categories like #
tbt and #
textart. The blog uses GIFs and
emojis to demonstrate how our lives and smartphone technology are intertwined, which makes it the perfect fit for Tumblr’s younger demographic.
Nike Women First debuting in April 2015, the goal of this Tumblr is to provide
‘fitspiration’ to the niche community of female athletes through its #BetterForIt ad campaign. And of course, Nike also hopes it inspires an increases in their sales, too. Tell us in the comments if you like the idea of more brands using Tumblr.   Photo via:
Venture Beat