How to Choose the Best Social Media Network for your Race – Part 2

November 26, 2015 - By: Sarah Pease

Last month we started our three-part series on the importance of having a social media presence for your race by looking at
Facebook and Twitter. This month, we’re discussing Instagram and YouTube, and if the value they add is right for promoting your race.
Instagram Starting Line According to
Business Insider, over 90 percent of the 150 million people on Instagram are under the age of 35, which makes it a great platform to build a community for your races. And just like Twitter, hashtags play an important role, so make yours race specific and easy to find.
What to Post

  • Tell the story of your event with behind-the-scenes photos of race planning—including you in action!
  • Videos! You only have 15 seconds, so make them count.
  • Promotions with a call-to-action to go to your site.
  • Think outside the box and get creative with the filters and editing tools.

Learn how to set-up an Instagram account
Races that are rockin’ Instagram:
New York Road Runners and
Spartan Race
YouTube Starting Line With
more than one billion users visiting YouTube each month, it is an essential platform for the running industry. After you sign up and login, you can customize your channel. Remember, much like Google+ (which we’ll talk about next month), YouTube will show up in Google search results, so your channel description should include keywords your target audience will be searching for. Learn how to set-up a YouTube channel
What to Post

  • Videos (Duh!). Less than a minute is ideal, but if you go longer, make sure the content is worth watching. People want to be entertained, but they have short attention spans.
  • Find existing videos, use relevant keywords, and create a playlist.
  • People talking about your event/testimonials.
  • Calls to action to get people to your site and registered for your race, but don’t over-promote.

Races that are rockin’ YouTube:
Ironman Triathlon and
Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series Next month: Google+ and Pinterest. Tell us which social media network(s) you use for your race in the comments!
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