Improving the Music Festival Experience

November 02, 2018 - By: Yasmin Vahabzadeh

There are about 300 music festivals per year in the US, that vary in the genres. Out of the 32 million people who go to at least one music festival a year, 14.7% of those attendees fall into the “millennial” category. As millennials become the leading population at music festivals, it begs the question of what event organizers can do to improve their experience.

  1. Enhance brand activation: In terms of advertisements at an event, ensuring that companies are not only enhancing their brand activation but also giving the attendees products that they will find useful, is a crucial part of the overall experience. Everyone loves free stuff and music festivals are a prime area to hand out free items with company logos on them. Instead of handing out cheap sunglasses or lanyards that will eventually be thrown away, why not give people things they may have more of an immediate need for? With hundreds of people walking around under the hot sun, having brands hand out free water bottles, hand towels, or small bottles of sunscreen with their logo on them will be useful. This type of merchandise will also advertise the company in a positive way and leave the customer with a positive memory attached to the brand.
  2. Rest and Recharge: The worst things to happen at a festival is having your phone die before the day is over. You can’t take pictures and videos, post on social media, and most importantly, no one can contact you. Providing charging stations for your audience is an excellent way to better their experience and make sure everyone on Snapchat and instagram can see them living their best life. On top of that, some festivals go as far as providing air-conditioned resting rooms. It’s the perfect way for your music lovers to cool off and take a break from the sun.
  3. Get the App: More and more festivals are creating apps for their consumers to download prior to the event. Creating an app with an interactive map, set times, available food vendors, bathrooms, and more will not only reduce paper usage but provide easy and accessible info at the touch of a button.

Can’t think of the first step you should take to improve the experience of your event attendees? Start by setting up your event on, then follow our three suggestions above.