Maximizing Your Holiday Social Media Budget

November 10, 2015 - By: Sarah Pease

Earlier this year, Salesforce conducted a survey and discovered that 70 percent of marketers planned on
increasing their social media marketing in 2015. Factor in the amount of
time people are spending on social networking sites
, and having a strong social media presence is crucial—especially heading into the holiday season. Whether you have thousands at your disposal or a modest amount to spend, here’s how you can get the
most from your social media budget during the holidays:
Create a Plan – Develop a holiday-specific social media calendar and follow it faithfully. Make sure every post scheduled has enticing visuals and engaging copy. And to maintain your sanity, consider using scheduling software like
Buffer, which has plans for
businesses (including a 30-day FREE trial) and
Use Targeted Ads – Don’t use generic advertising and hope that your message sticks. Research age, interests, and geographical location and then speak directly to your designated audience. Offer an exclusive discount for an upcoming race, or a limited-time offer. Just like a physical gift, careful thought and personalization go a long way.
Make It Memorable – ‘Decorate’ your social media with various holiday-themed profile badges, Facebook timeline covers, Twitter backgrounds, and don't forget Pinterest board(s). Strong visual content will signal that there is something special going on that your followers should check out. How do you use your social media budget during the holidays? Tell us in the comments!