The Future of Been Choice and Ad Blocking

March 29, 2016 - By: Sarah Hovis

 Last October, an interesting app appeared in the iTunes App Store called
Been® Choice. What made this free app debut so noteworthy is its ability to block ads and trackers both in apps and Safari on user’s phones. The blocking also extended to
native mobile apps, which includes Facebook and Apple’s own News application. Months earlier with the release of iOS 9, Apple had addressed the consumer’s concern over invasive and disruptive online advertisements by saying the
mobile operating system would support ‘content blocking’ extensions in Safari. Hence, the confusion why Apple would have Been Choice in their App Store when it blocks ads in native apps, including their own. Fast forward to this past January when Apple notified Been Choice it was
getting booted from the App Store and said it was also terminating the company’s developer account for violating Section 3.2(f), of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement that warns developers not to ‘commit any act intended to interfere with the Apple Software or related services.’ Been Inc. co-founder David Yoon told that he suspects what did the app in was the Earn Mode where users get
compensated with points, discounts and rewards, for opting in and sharing their info with third parties, like advertisers. For now, Been Choice plans to release a web app version that revolves around the Earn Mode and will be distributed outside of the App Store. As for the future of ad blocking and who gets to control it, that debate is far from over. Tell us in the comments if you think Apple made the right call about Been Choice. Photo via:
Mac World