The Future of GoPro

February 23, 2016 - By: Sarah Hovis

 From humble origins inside a
1971 Volkswagen Van,
GoPro and its creator
Nicholas Woodman have changed the
action camera market. In the years since, people have used
GoPro cameras to capture their unique perspectives on everything from every day living to extreme adventures. Michael Pachter, an analyst with Wedbush Securities was
quoted in a Forbes article saying, “They invented the action camera category and there’s not many more features that they can offer [on the cameras]. GoPro wants to show that it’s innovating.” Also, GoPro has recently taken a bit of hit with their
revenue growth, so finding new areas to grow into just makes good business sense. One way to accomplish this is by
staking its claim in the multibillion-dollar drone market. According to, the wheels were set in motion when GoPro acquired French company
Kolor in 2015. This 360-degree video software vendor is developing a platform for stitching together 360-degree videos from different GoPro units attached to a specific mast, which will give the capability to natively integrate the camera on the drone for perfect image quality and stabilization. The immediate benefit from immersive video without any camera/drone movement is a panoramic and
360-degree spherical view to offer interactive exploration directly inside the image. And if just one percent of current GoPro customers purchased a drone,
Pachter estimates that it would translate to roughly $100 million in sales if the drones cost around $1,000 apiece. As 3D Robotics CEO Chris Anderson, whose company has made GoPro its official camera for its new consumer drone, Solo, noted
there is a “natural synergy” between drone enthusiasts and GoPro users. Tell in the comments what you think about GoPro entering the drone market. Photo via:
Money News Daily