Wearables: The Next Generation of Fitness and Fashion

March 09, 2016 - By: Sarah Hovis

 If it seems most everyone is wearing some form of fitness tracker these days, you aren’t imagining things. According to VentureBeat, almost 60 million fitness trackers will be in use by 2018. With those numbers, it’s no wonder brands are trying to stake their claim in the market. While Apple and NIKE, Inc. have been partners for almost a decade (Apple CEO Tim Cook also sits on Nike’s Board of Directors), other brands are getting serious about competing.

New Balance

Marketing Week reported last month that New Balance recently created a new division called
New Balance Digital Sport. They’ve teamed up with Google and Intel to create and launch and Android-based sports watch designed for runners of all levels sometime in 2016.


Under Armour

Under Armour has an impressive endorsement roster that includes Golden State Warriors Point Guard Stephen Curry and American Ballet Theatre Principal Misty Copeland. Now they are partnering with HTC (under the new sub-brand
Healthbox™) to offer a connected fitness system that specifically measures, monitors, and manages the factors that determine how the wearer feels.



Still the market-leading brand for fitness wearables, Fitbit is upping their game in the wake of Apple’s partnership with luxury brand Hermès by offering the new Alta™ fitness band. The more fashion-focused design has a customizable and colorful appearance and will offer accessory options from fashion designer Tory Burch. Lucy Sheehan, the brand’s head of marketing in EMEA was quoted in Marketing Week as saying, “Fitness means something different to every single person and that’s why you have to create products that are tailored around the user to succeed in this space. If you’re wearing the same product 24 hours a day you have to feel good about it, it’s a lifestyle accessory after all.”

Photo via: Fitbit


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