6 Event Catering Trends for 2019

December 11, 2015 - By: Sarah Pease

Foodies rejoice! When it comes to event catering trends, 2015 put on quite a spread and the food forecast for 2016 is equally mouthwatering. Here’s a sampling of event catering trends on the menu:

Bottoms Up! Andrew Freeman, president of Andrew Freeman & Co. is boldly calling the
Bloody Mary, “the drink of the year” for 2016. He also says the presentation will get
more creative and the garnishes more inventive. Another trend Freeman sees emerging from coast-to-coast in the new year is cost-effective mocktails—perfect for guests watching their diets, designated drivers, and pregnant women.

Nibbles & Noshes According to Food for Thought Catering Group in Chicago, “nose to tail” side dishes are being replaced by the “stem to root” movement. Think carrots, broccoli stems, and cauliflower leaves, but with more pizazz. Have food, will stroll.
Windows Catering Company out of Washington, D.C. says strolling buffets like build-your-own ceviche carts, rolling dim sum (or sushi) bars, and roving oyster shuckers create an interactive environment for guests to socialize.

Something Sweet Food and memories go hand-in-hand, and the Windows Catering Company also predicts that nostalgic foods that evoke experiences in your life, like Grandma’s banana cream pie, will find their way to dessert tables. Move over, cupcake. You’ve been replaced by the donut. But we’re not talking a box of Krispy Kremes on a table. Four Five One Events says in 2016 the donut will get the cuisine treatment—sautéed with butter and brown sugar, then topped with delicious hand-crafted ice cream. For an artful approach, try a donut wall. Tell us in the comments what 2016 catering trends you’re excited to try.