Email Trend to Try: Mobile

March 24, 2016 - By: Sarah Hovis

 Here’s a figure for you:
205 billion emails are sent daily. Not only that, but
mobile email clicks are two times more valuable than desktop clicks. So, while you may be sick of hearing us say this, the fact remains: mobile matters. Consumers are continuing to move fluidly from big to small screens, making the need for mobile-focused marketing to go beyond just making
your content legible on the latest smartphone. In fact, the percentage of
email-driven revenue obtained through mobile purchases continues to grow at a significant rate. For race and event organizers, this could be a great way to increase your registration—especially among the Millennial generation. Remember, people love a personalized experience, and this is a major way you can deliver one to them. According to actionable marketer, speaker, and professor
Heidi Cohen, customers
check your email based on use. For example, emails from multi-channel retailers are usually opened most on smartphones. This is why it is crucial to tailor the user experience to the mobile user’s preferences so you can efficiently generate clicks, leads, and sales. Consider using icons, images, and easy-to-read, digestible text streamlined for mobile devices to give your mobile email a cohesive design. Tell us in the comments how you are using mobile email to attract and retain customers.