How to Use a Social Media Wall at Your Next Event

January 15, 2016 - By: Sarah Pease

 People love their 15 minutes of fame, and thanks to social media walls, it’s easier than ever to give them the spotlight at conferences, meetings, and events. A
social media wall shows content from multiple social networks based on curated hashtags and key words that are then displayed for all to see. Three ways to use a social media wall are:
Display user-generated content:
Create a hashtag that is event-specific and
when attendees use it on their social networks, it will automatically display on your designated social media wall. You get free PR and attendees get a chance to engage again through
Enhance your brand and sponsors’ presence: Keep your attendees informed throughout the venue with official real-time updates and other brand messages. Show sponsors you value their contribution by integrating their logos on your social media wall during your event to 
increase their marketing reach.
Tie-In with Your Industry: Find an industry-related feed that relates to your event and add that content to your social media wall. For example, if your event is for the hospitality industry, use a well-known chef’s Instagram feed or a hashtag that marries with a session topic or an
industry trend like
#DonutWall. Tell us in the comments how you would use a social media wall at your next event. Photo via: