How to Use CrowdShaping at Your Next Event

September 24, 2015 - By: Sarah Pease

In 2006, Jeff Howe coined the term ‘Crowdsourcing’ in WIRED magazine. Today, this
concept of gleaning useful info from a large online community has evolved into CrowdShaping. And no, it’s not the latest in body-shaping apparel for the masses. 

So what is CrowdShaping? Essentially, it’s collecting personal, real-time data from people inside a defined physical area to shape and reshape a product or service that those people use. Here are two examples of how you can use CrowdShaping:

Start Small
Imagine you’re planning a conference. You want music playing, but how can you possibly pick a playlist that will appeal to everyone? Using the crowdsourcing platform
CheckinDJ, participants can:

  •   Register online or via an app and enter their favorite music genres.
  •   Check-in at the event using a Near Field Communication (NFC) device (e.g., smartphone) and the playlist at the venue automatically adjusts to reflect their taste.

Bonus: individuals can earn influence points by syncing the app with their social networks, and by checking in with groups of friends.

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Go Big!
If you’re feeling bold, then opt for a more functional, efficient service shaped not by crowd opinion, but rather by their behavior. Where data is shared passively and effortlessly. In 2014, Pepsi partnered with the event tech company Lightwave at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas to create a “Bioreactive Concert.” Partygoers were given an interactive wristband to wear that monitored:

  •      Movement – Displayed who was really getting their groove on!
  •      Sound levels – Too loud? The DJ simply adjusted the volume.
  •      Temperature – Kept the tunes hot and the crowd cool.

By having this information instantly available, the DJ was able to tweak the lighting and track selection, hold dance-offs, and enhance the audience's overall experience.

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