Should You Snapchat Your Next Event?

December 03, 2015 - By: Sarah Pease

We live in an information-saturated society where the
average attention span is 8.25 seconds, so it’s vital your brand and event message is conveyed in the most succinct way. Here's why you should
consider using Snapchat for your next event:
What is Snapchat?

The Benefits of Snapchat

  • Get the word out to your followers on Twitter, Facebook, etc. that you’ll be snapchatting your next event.
  • Tell your brand’s personal story with content that elicits emotion. When you show a human side, it creates a connection that prompts your followers to share the details of your event with others.
  • Create hype and get followers inspired to participate. Example: The Maze Runner: #SurviveTheNight
  • Offer your followers exclusive content. Example: Heineken at Coachella
  • Use the Live Story feature to curate content from your followers to create a 24-hour photo or video narrative of your event. Example: Condé Nast

Tell us in the comments if you would use Snapchat for your next event.