The Future of the Apple Watch and Events

October 21, 2015 - By: Sarah Pease

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

Steve Jobs

When it comes to game-changing technology, Apple has led the way for years. Even though Steve Jobs is no longer with us, his recent innovations such as the iPhone and iPad continue to shape the way we communicate. And the latest tech, the Apple Watch, could be poised to revolutionize the events industry. Here are three innovative ways how:

The Glance Factor Providing participants with a seamless experience should be the goal of any event. With the Apple Watch, attendees can leave their smartphones in their pockets and interact with the event’s mobile app by
glancing at their wrist to quickly ascertain the info they need and want, without slowing down.
Enhanced Presentations The Apple Watch could elevate a presenter’s presence by allowing his or her gestures to control the multimedia components instead of having to rely on a pointer, laptop, or a tech person they just met that morning. The result is a more natural, high-quality, and engaging presentation for everyone involved.
Get Your Game On! In September, we shared
3 Trends to Try at Your Next Event, which included
iBeacon transmitters. Using beacons, the Apple Watch could give organizers the chance to take advantage of the growing gaming trend; making for a
more social attendee experience, while also tracking where they’ve been, which provides valuable data for future events. Would you use an Apple Watch at an event or invest in watches for your event planning team to use? Tell us in the comments!
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