What Events Can Learn from the Miss Universe Mishap

January 05, 2016 - By: Sarah Pease

It was the ‘Oops!’ heard ‘round the world. That super awkward moment when Miss Universe host Steve Harvey,
announced the wrong winner... on live television... in front of millions of people. Expectations (and anxiety) run pretty high during events, and while you can’t plan for every possible scenario, you can be prepared for how you’ll handle an unexpected snafu. Here are three takeaways from the Miss Universe pageant to keep in mind when an event doesn’t go quite as planned:
Own Up to Your Mistake Once Steve Harvey realized what he’d done,
he apologized. He knew he couldn’t get that moment back (
thanks to Snapchat it was perfectly preserved), but he also understood that what happened wasn’t something he could just ignore. A client may be upset with a mistake, but he or she will be fuming if you try to cover it up instead of admitting the gaffe.
Have a Sense of Humor Over the years Harvey has worn many hats: actor, radio host, and author, but he got his start in comedy. So, it wasn’t surprising that after he apologized, he
poked a little fun at himself on Twitter. Remember, situations usually
aren’t as dire as they seem in the moment they happened.
Misery Loves Company Harvey wasn’t the first
host to goof on live television, and he certainly won’t be the last. What’s important to remember is that mix-ups and disasters happen to every event planner at some point in his or her career.
Wear it like a badge of honor. Find another planner to trade ‘war stories’ with. You never know, it just might inspire a dynamite idea for your next event, which will be flawless, of course. Tell us in the comments how you’ve handled an event mishap.
Photo Credit: Miss Universe