LA Marathon and Fitbit Merge Training and Technology with New App

January 29, 2016 - By: Sarah Hovis

The 2016 Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon and Fitbit® are now on course to help runners of all levels train smarter and reach their goals with their recently launched, official Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon App powered by Fitbit. As Sheri Wish, VP of Business Development for LA Marathon LLC told, “
Our brands share the common goal of encouraging healthy, more active lifestyles and creating positive experiences for runners of all abilities.”
Other features of the app include:

  • A GPS-enabled course map that lets runners and spectators easily navigate the course and its amenities, while providing information about the many landmarks and entertainment acts.
  • Access to training tips and inspiration from Fitbit Ambassadors premier distance runners Ryan and Sara Hall and ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes.
  • Social channels that let you hear what others are saying about the race or post directly from the app.
  • Built-in camera, featuring three custom borders for your Instagram posts, so you can memorialize your accomplishment.

The 2016 Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon app powered by Fitbit is free from
Apple iTunes and the Google Play Store

Photo Via: LA Marathon


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